Summer Photo Workshops in Iceland

The first day of summer is a public holiday in Iceland and we celebrate it on the first Thursday after April 18th every year, a tradition from the Old Norse calendar. It sounds great but it’s more like the first day of spring. Summer really arrives in June and with luck lasts through August. This tells you a little bit about how excited we are about summer in Iceland. 

Summer brings us the midnight sun transforms the sky into amazing color display flirting with the clouds and the mountains. For us photographers it means the highlands will open again bringing us geographical color schemes by volcanos and geothermal locations. Nature will show its best sides waterfalls with rainbows, black beaches, green moss, glacier lagoons, puffins and other birds, wildlife such as seals and foxes and of course the Icelandic horse. 

You will enjoy travelling comfortably in our custom made 4×4 super jeeps giving you access to remote locations not accessible by other vehicles. 

Expect the unexpected in Iceland including the weather. During summer we get a wide range of weather. Iceland has a dry climate and normally temperatures range from 5°c to 15°c (41°F – 59°F) during the day and can get colder in the evenings. 

Enjoy the long days under the midnight sun in late June during summer solstice we have almost 24 hours of daylight and in August around 17 hours. Giving you endless time to photograph. 

To get the most out of our summer workshops we recommend that people are reasonably fit and able to do short walks over different terrains and be prepared for different types of weather.