Photo Workshops in Iceland

You can visit Iceland all year round. Each season will offer you unique photography opportunities and no matter when you come our famous nature will be here to welcome you.

Waterfalls off all shapes and sizes, the glacier lagoon, black sand beaches, Icelandic horses, wildlife and beautiful location wherever we go.

If you arrive during the winter, our longest season, you will have the opportunity to see the northern lights, visit an ice cave and see everything covered in snow and ice. 

Or do you prefer the summer time? Experience the midnight sun with endless daylight, the moss green landscapes and geographical colour schemes by volcanoes and geothermal locations. Puffins have returned from sea and the highlands are only open during the summer into early fall.

In all of our Icelandic workshops you travel in style and comfort in our custom made 4×4 super jeep trucks, giving you access to remote locations not accessible by other vehicles. 

You need to expect the unexpected when in Iceland especially when it comes to weather. We have a saying, if you don’t like the weather wait five minutes and on some days that really holds true. We have dry climate and average temperature during the winter is around 0°c (32°F). Summer is warmer with average temperature of 10°c–13°c (50°F – 55°F).

To get the most out of our workshops in Iceland we recommend that people are reasonably fit, to be able to do short walks over different terrains and be prepared for different types of weather no matter what season you will join us.