Sigurður Stefnisson

Current Photography Gear – Siggi is currently using a Nikon D850 and a DJI Mavic 3 drone.

About – Siggi is a native Icelander and has been working as a full time tour guide since 2007 mostly specializing in photo tours and 4×4 tours, before that he was running a his own developing centre and a wholesale company for 20 years. He got his first 4×4 in 1984 and has been travelling and hiking in Iceland ever since.

Photography – Siggi has mostly been selling his photos for use in magazines, books, advertising and such.  Among those who have used his photos are National Geographic, BBC, NASA, GEO, Stern, Landscape photography magazine and many more. In 2001 one of his photos was chosen as one of the 100 best ever published by the National Geographic. His favourite subject is geology, especially volcano’s , he is also knowledgeable about birds, wild life, glaciers and northern lights.

PHOTOS BY Sigurður