The Westfjords of Iceland & the Highlands – Adventure Photo Tour

The Westfjords of Iceland & the Highlands – Adventure Photo Tour: A photography tour for the serious landscape photography enthusiast lead by native Icelander Örvar A. Þorgeirsson. You will visit various known & unknown locations in Iceland and focus on both birdlife and landscape photography. A few highlights of the tour are Látrabjarg cliffs where we get up close and photograph the Atlantic Puffin. The Highlands of Iceland is ranked amongst Europe’s largest unpopulated areas, full of glaciers, volcanoes, amazing waterfalls and hot springs.

Our goal in this photography tour is to assist you in getting to the right locations at the right time for the best photographic results. Your guide, Örvar Þorgeirsson, is one of the most experienced photography guides in Iceland and will assist you in locations so you will get the most out of your adventure. We have chosen early July for this trip as it is one of the best time of the year. Endless soft light and combined sunset and sunrises are amongst the unique features that make Iceland the most magical place for photographers.


Highlights of The Westfjords of Iceland & the Highlands – Adventure Photo Tour

  • Small Groups – Our focus is small groups, so each participant gets plenty of time with their photography guide.
  • Transportation – We offer specially modified and spacious 4×4 Super Trucks so you can travel in comfort.
  • The Atlantic Puffin – We visit at least two different Puffin colonies during the Summer periods – The Atlantic Puffin is possible to photograph from May to Mid August.
  • No crowds – We do our utmost to visit locations with fewer crowds and photograph popular spots in the late hours when the light is best. Photographing in the midnight sun does have its advantage as we are up and about while the basic tourist is asleep.
  • All-Inclusive Workshop – Our Summer Photo Workshop Around Iceland is all-inclusive. You need to fly to Iceland, and we take care of the rest. Included in the workshop price is all accommodation, all meals, Guiding, Transportation and fees.
  • Professional Photography Leaders – In our Summer Photo Workshop Around Iceland, only Icelandic Photographers, lead the workshops. These are experienced guides that can take you to the best known and unknown locations!
  • Guiding – Technical assistance & instructions at all locations
  • Post-Processing – Image critique and post-processing session at a convenient time during the workshop

Reserve a spot on our The Westfjords of Iceland & the Highlands – Adventure Photo Tour
July 3rd to 14th 2020

Total Price is USD 6.490.-
Deposit Payment USD 1.000.-
Single Supplement USD 700.- 




The Westfjords of Iceland & the Highlands – Adventure Photo Tour – Outline

2020 dates
3-14th of July 2020 (available)

Total Price is USD 6.490.-
Deposit Payment USD 1.000.-
Single Supplement USD 700.- 

What´s Included
All accommodations with private bathrooms during the workshop
All meals indicated
Guiding by an Icelandic Pro Photographer
Image Critique & Post Processing session
Modified 4×4 transportation
Flybus transfer from Int. Airport and back after the tour
Puffin Photography

What´s Not Included
International Flights
Cancellation Insurance
Alcoholic drinks
Dinner the last night in Reykjavik – workshop concludes at the hotel
Items of Personal nature
Gratuity for your Photography guide

Tour Leader
Örvar Þorgeirsson is an award-winning Icelandic photographer, owner of the gallery “Arctic photo” in Reykjavik. His work presents dynamic, sharp, and moody photos of Iceland.

The Workshop will begin in Reykjavik with a group dinner on the first evening.

Flybus vouchers from Keflavik Airport & back after the workshop are included, but you can upgrade to a private airport pick up or drop off if you prefer. Specially modified 4×4 Super Truck does all transport. We will pick you up at the hotel the morning after group dinner and drop you off again at the hotel when the workshop is finished.

Accommodation: Double occupancy accommodation at hotels/guesthouses, single room available upon request. We stay at the various hotels & guesthouses but as close as possible to our photography locations. All meals are included (breakfast, lunches, and hot dinners at our places of accommodation and/or restaurants) along with soft drinks & coffee or tea with meals. The workshop concludes when we check into our last hotel night in Reykjavik – Participants will then have time to visit Reykjavik or rest for early flights.

Physical Ability: The tour is open to all ability levels. While this is not a hiking tour, we will be as active as conditions allow and make short walks and potentially hike up small 100-200 meter hills.

The Workshop includes Photographic tutoring and guidance by pro landscape photographers and tour operator. Arctic Exposure will provide you with a Packing list for the tour, with recommended equipment and clothing.


Flexible and adjusted to the weather, as always when travelling in Iceland

DAY 1 – Arrival in Reykjavik

You arrive in Iceland and check in your hotel in Reykjavik, which will already be reserved by your tour operator and included in the price. We meet at the centrally located hotel at 18.00 and go out for dinner in Reykjavik where we briefly go through the tour itinerary, safety share from your native Icelandic guide and some practical things before we start our adventure in Iceland. If you arrive early in town, you can photograph some of the attractions such as Harpa Concert Hall, Hallgrimskirkja, Sun Voyager or Perlan


DAY 2 – Snæfellsnes Peninsula

We start early in the morning and travel from Reykjavik to Snæfellsnes peninsula. The whole peninsula is a photographers paradise, with many different seascapes, rock formations, glacier, lava field, birds and even whales.

Snæfellsnes is a 90- km long peninsula comprises a world of diversity. Friendly towns and villages, spectacular mountains, a multitude of bird species nesting on treacherous cliffs, beaches of sand and pebbles popular among horsemen and rock skimmers, remnants and relics scattered here and there of times and ways of life long past. The Snaefellsjokull National Park is at the westernmost part of the peninsula, including the mystical glacier Snaefellsjokull, as well as other unique sites such as Djupalonssandur, Thufubjarg and various Lighthouses and churches.

One of the main highlights of Snæfellsnes is Mt. Kirkjufell (463m) and its waterfall, Kirkjufellsfoss. The mountain is often referred to as the guardian of Grundarfjörður’s northwestern vista, and possibly one of the most photographed spots in Iceland. It has appeared in Game of Thrones and is one of Iceland best-known mountains.

Iceland Photo Tours

Kirkjufell Mountain Summer Photography Workshop

Mountain Kirkjufell at night. Grundarfjörður in Snæfellsnes, west Iceland

DAY 3 & 4 – Látrabjarg & the Atlantic Puffin

We visit Látrabjarg and stay in the area for two nights, explore the coastline, lighthouses, stranded boat and of course we’ll spend a lot of time on the famous sea cliff Látrabjarg which is perhaps the best location to photograph Puffin in Iceland.

Látrabjarg is One of Europes biggest bird cliffs, a home to birds in unfathomable numbers. This westernmost point of Iceland is really a line of several cliffs, 14 kilometres long and up to 441 m high. And it’s as steep as it gets, dizzyingly so. Safe from foxes, the birds are fearless and provide stunning photographic opportunities from close range. The puffins are particularly tame and are the ones frequenting the grassy, higher part of the cliffs

Another highlight is Rauðisandur (Red Sand), which is precisely that: a beach with endless red sand. The magnificent hues of the sand differ with daylight and weather, and the beach is the biggest pearl in a string of coves with sand ranging in colours from white through yellow through red to black, and in coarseness from very fine to sole-hurting chips of seashells. Just pure sand enlivened by countless seabirds and seals, an oasis with unique tranquillity. Forget everything, except maybe getting the perfect shot of the ever-changing hues of yellow, orange and red.

Latrabjarg Westfjords Iceland
Puffin in flight

DAY 5  – Dynjandi & Önundarfjörður

We keep on exploring the Westfjords and head out to Dynjandi Waterfall in the bottom of the fjord Arnarfjörður. This breathtaking waterfall has been the front page model for the Westfjords for years. Measuring 30 meters wide at the top and 60 meters at the bottom, Dynjandi is about 100 meters high, the most impressive waterfall in the Westfjords and one of the most beautiful in all of Iceland. Below it, a series of waterfalls cascade. Arnarfjordur is one of the most beautiful fjords in the Westfjords because of its diverse landscape, magnificent mountains and the natural masterpieces of Ketildalir and the Dynjandi waterfall.

From there keep on going into Önundarfjörður . The fjord is often referred to as the Westfjords most beautiful with the and the amazing Korpudalur & Holt beach. The small fishing town of Flateyri with its museum of Nonsense. After a photography stop in Önundarfjörður we head into the capital of the Westfjords, Ísafjörður and stay there overnight.

DAY 6 – Ísafjörður & surrounding area

Our hotel is based in the picturesque town of Ísafjörður, the largest in the Westfjords with around 2.500 inhabitants. It is an ancient church site and a trading post since at least the 16th century, although a real town did not start to form until after mid-19th century. The growth of the town was triggered by salt fish production, and ever since then, the fishing industry has been vital for the community. A notable fact about Ísafjörður is that they host the European Championship in Swamp soccer.
You will explore the town and its surrounding areas with the amazing views of Bolafjall in the neighbouring town of Bolungarvík. he place offers a staggering view over Ísafjarðardjúp, Jökulfirðir and some people say all the way to Greenland.
The Westfjords of Iceland & the Highlands - Adventure Photo Tour
The Westfjords of Iceland & the Highlands - Adventure Photo Tour
The Westfjords of Iceland & the Highlands - Adventure Photo Tour
The Westfjords of Iceland & the Highlands - Adventure Photo Tour

DAY 7 – Ísafjarðardjúp & travel to the West of Iceland

We head out early morning from Ísafjörður and travel towards the west part of Iceland. We will be driving through many deep fjords with the typical Westfjords of Iceland landscape and pass small fishing towns on the way. Each a true fjord in its own right, with plenty to see and explore. From the gentle slopes of Ísafjörður fjord furthest inland at the southeast of Ísafjarðardjúp, each fjord has progressively steeper and taller mountains, until you reach Skutulsfjörður in the north-west. Ísafjarðardjúp has a wealth of animal life. Many birds nest on the three islands within it, seals can be found on the shores, and due to the fertility of the waters, whales can often be seen within the fjord.
We finish the day in West of Iceland in the Borgarfjörður, a region regarded as the setting for most of the Icelandic sagas. We stay in Reykholt, one of the most historically important places in the country and hosts a centre for medieval studies, Snorrastofa. Snorrastofa is named after writer and chieftain Snorri Sturluson, author of Snorra-Edda and Heimskringla. Snorri’s Edda is the most important historical source we have about the Norse Gods and the history of Scandinavia. Among the many who have found inspiration in it are author J.R.R. Tolkien (most famous for The Lord of the Rings), G. R. Martin (most famous for Song of Fire and Ice) and composer Richard Wagner with his four operas collectively named Der Ring des Nibelungen.
The Westfjords of Iceland & the Highlands - Adventure Photo Tour
The Westfjords of Iceland & the Highlands - Adventure Photo Tour

DAY 8  – Þingvellir National Park & the Highlands of Iceland

We start the day in Reykholt, stop by the beautiful waterfalls of Hraunfossar & Barnafoss before heading towards the Langjökull ice cap, the second largest glacier in Iceland. We drive Kaldidalsvegur road to Þingvellir National Park. The road is the shortest of the highland tracks traversing the Highlands of Iceland, therefore the nickname “highlands for beginners, a good start for the days ahead.
After photographing Þingvellir we keep on going towards the Highlands and stop by the highest waterfall in Iceland, Háifoss (The high waterfall). It is the fourth highest in Iceland and one of the most striking you find on the island. Placed in a magnificent but relatively narrow gorge leading into the Highlands from the valley Þjórsárdalur it is one of the major waterfall attractions in Iceland. The height is impressive as it falls the 122 meters down the two million years old cliff. It is a beautiful sight from top to bottom including the geologically rich background in the cliffs.
The Westfjords of Iceland & the Highlands - Adventure Photo Tour
The Westfjords of Iceland & the Highlands - Adventure Photo Tour

DAY 9 – The Highlands of Iceland

An early morning start from our Highland hotel and we have a full day exploring the Highlands. Our road takes us through the Highlands and towards the South Coast of Iceland. There are so many photo opportunities on this road you will want to stop every ten minutes. Our two main subjects will be Eldgjá and Langisjór
Eldgjá is one of the largest basaltic flood lava eruptions in historical times in Iceland (Around 983 AD). The Eldgjá fissure is at least 50 km long, extending from the Mýrdalsjökull ice cap in the southwest (Katla), into the Vatnajökull ice cap in the northeast. The most spectacular part of Eldgjá is an eight km long part of it in the southwest where the fissure is about 400 m wide and 150 m deep. The fissure is a complex volcanic structure of a graben, an eruptive fissure and an explosive crater row. In the southernmost part, the eruption was subglacial and caused a large glacial outburst flood in association with the eruption, jökulhlaup. You can read more about the eruption at Eldgjá here. One of the main photography opportunities is Öfærufoss, a two-tiered waterfall in the Nydri-Ófæru river which falls into Eldgjá Canyon.
Langisjór, one of Europe’s most beautiful and pristine highland lakes, is tucked in between the beautiful Tungnárfjöll and Fögrufjöll Mountains at the western edge of Vatnajökull Glacier. Measuring 20 km long and 2 km wide in some places, the lake is 27sq km and 75m at its deepest and lies some 640m above sea level. The view around the lake is magnificent and at the southern end of the lake stands Sveinstindur (1090 m) which is considered by many to be one of the best views of the panorama of the surrounding area. Views over Lakagígar, Skaftáreldahraun, Öræfajökul and Hekla are possible in clear weather. We will end the day at a hotel by the South Coast.
The Westfjords of Iceland & the Highlands - Adventure Photo Tour
The Westfjords of Iceland & the Highlands - Adventure Photo Tour
The Westfjords of Iceland & the Highlands - Adventure Photo Tour
The Westfjords of Iceland & the Highlands - Adventure Photo Tour

DAY 10 – The South Highlands

We travel back into the highlands for another full day of magnificent scenery and photography. These part of the highlands are marked by glacier floods but offer fantastic beauty and variation of different colours. We will photograph the mountain Mælifell, an awe ­inspiring, green moss­ covered pyramid standing alone in a vast, black desert landscape. The mighty Mýrdalsjökull glacier fills the skyline to the south of the mountain, barely 2km distant at its closest. To the north rise the mountains of the Fjallabak region. Black, green and white combine in a scene of almost indescribable beauty.
The Westfjords of Iceland & the Highlands - Adventure Photo Tour
The Westfjords of Iceland & the Highlands - Adventure Photo Tour

DAY 11 – South Coast & Reykjavík

We explore the area around Vík, it has many of the best know photography locations Iceland has to offer, for example, Reynisdrangar, Reynisfjara Black Beach, Dyrhólaey & waterfalls Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss. We will try to cover even more parts of the Highlands by going into the region of Þórsmörk. We will end our journey back at our Reykjavik hotel (accommodation included in the workshop price). This will give you some free time to walk around Reykjavik or rest before your early departure flight the next day.
The Westfjords of Iceland & the Highlands - Adventure Photo Tour
The Westfjords of Iceland & the Highlands - Adventure Photo Tour

DAY 11 – Departure

Departure day – this would be the first day you can book flights home.

If you are interested in extending the tour we can organise day tours or any other trip for you to different areas. Please contact for more details. For ideas on possible day trips please look at our Photography Day Tour website.


CANCELLATION AND REFUND POLICY – The Westfjords of Iceland & the Highlands – Adventure Photo Tour

If you cancel and the Workshop is otherwise filled, we will refund you the full amount you have paid towards the tuition, minus a $150 service charge. If you cancel and the Workshop does not fill, then you will be refunded according to the following schedule, based on the full fee of the Workshop:

Greater than 90 days from the start date of the Workshop: full refund minus $150 fee.
75 days: 75% refund
60 days: 50% refund
Less than 60 days: no refund

Refunds will be paid by the same method that the original payment was made.
Refunds will be initiated within 72 hours of the time that the request is approved.