SkarphÉðinn Þráinsson (SKARPI)

Current Photography Gear – Skarpi is currently using Canon 1Dx Mark II and Canon 5D Mark IV on his photography adventures.

About – Skarpi is our head guide and owner of Arctic Exposure. He’s an native Icelander, pro-Landscape photographer and an licenced tour operator. He was in Egilsstadir, East Iceland and has had passion for outdoors travelling, photographing, fishing and exploring the nature of Iceland since childhood. He holds a degre in Mechanical Engineering and currently lives in Reykjavik with his wife and 4 kids.

Photography – He specialises his exquisite photography work on the Arctic and subarctic nature including volcanoes, ice caves, wildlife, auroras and classic landscapes. Skarpis’ images have appeared in numerous national and international publications, books, and calendars, including National Geographic, Discover Magazine and Digital Photo Magazine, to name a few.