Photo Tours

Arctic Exposure is a leading the Photo Tour Travel Agency in Iceland. We run Photo Tours in Iceland, Greenland, Lofotenthe Faroe Islands and around the Arctic Regions. The core purpose of the company is providing quality Photo Tours for photographers of all skill levels.

Our goal is to introduce you to the many beautiful locations we know here in Iceland and around the Arctic. While bringing you to the many beautiful places this region has to offer, we will do your best to teach you how to take better photographs, to skillfully use your camera and equipment, and help you with post-processing. We pride ourselves on providing highly qualified Photography Guides to help you improve your photography.

Arctic Exposures has extensive knowledge organising and running Photo Tours in and around the Arctic. Our Photo Tours range from all-inclusive to guided day tours. We offer all-inclusive tours where you stay in hotels and guesthouses with private bathrooms. We try to shake things up and check out some local delicatessen while we roam around and we always try to show you something new and off the beaten track.

On top of these aspirations, we want you to learn something new about the culture and history of the country you are visiting. To have a lot of fun, appreciate great food and in the end, have a memory that you will want to share with others. Get ready to capture your adventure of a lifetime.


Iceland Photo Tours 

Book your Iceland Photo Tours with Arctic Exposure and we offer you the opportunity to photograph the epic sceneries that the islands nature has to offer. Experience the midnight sun transform the sky into amazing colour display flirting with the clouds and the mountains. Capture the geographical colour scheme by volcanos and geothermal locations. Visit the glaciers, black beaches and waterfalls showing you the extreme variety of Icelandic nature. Be ready for your breathtaking photo moments.

Create photographs with impact through on-field experience and post-processing lectures from our highly acclaimed Icelandic photographers. Arctic Exposure is a fully licensed travel agency and tour operator authorised by the tourism board of Iceland.

Iceland in Winter

Winter in Iceland is the ideal location for all photographers. Our Iceland Photo Tours in Winter main focus is the amazing Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights). The Aurora Borealis start in September and we can easily photograph them until April. The winter cold changes our landscape into a white frozen paradise. During this time of year, we can safely photograph crystal Ice Caves, beautifully frozen waterfalls, Glacier Lagoons, icebergs and our famous black beaches. All of this is apart of our many winter Photo Tours.

Iceland in Summer

Our Summer Photo Tours in Iceland have a little bit different focus than in our winter photo tours. Here the island is transformed from the dark and frozen landscape into green fields and endless light. Our famous midnight sun draws many photographers to the island with sunset and sunrise just a few hours apart in June. With the warmer temperatures, we start to see the island come to live. The charismatic Atlantic Puffin arrives in later April and he is one of the main focuses in our Summer Photo Tours. Finally the Highlands of Iceland open for traffic, this unique place is only accessible for three months a year and is a photographers paradise.

Iceland in Autumn

We start seeing the beautiful autumn colours in September. Thus, we run our Iceland Autumn Photo Tours for only two months, September & October. As many know with the autumn the landscapes shifts into many various colours of green, yellow, orange, red, purple and blue. The colourful landscapes will be our focus along with the Aurora Borealis in the evening. There is never a dull moment in our Iceland Autumn Photo Tours.


Greenland Photo Tours

On photo tours in Greenland, you’ll photograph icebergs at the size of skyscrapers, steep mountains merging into the sea, icebergs floating, glaciers, sledge dogs, whales, the Northern Lights and the native culture and people of Greenland. We have scheduled the expedition in September to have the chance of capturing the Northern Lights. Each location has its own unique photographic scenery.


Faroe Islands Photo Tours

When visiting the Faroes you are always close to the ocean. The countryside is dominated by steep mountains, the wildlife is full of interesting moments were sheep, seabirds, including the largest colony of storm petrels in the world, puffins and gannets. The Faroe Islands are undeniably beautiful: green, rugged and wind-swept.

In our workshop around the Faroe Islands, we will be shooting the many multicoloured cottages and grass-roofed wooden churches that the islands are known for. We will capture mind-blowing mountains, cascading waterfalls, soaring sea cliffs, charismatic seabirds such as Puffins & Gannets, lighthouses, deep fjords and pastoral fishing communities.


Lofoten Islands Photo Tours

We run our Lofoten Islands Photo Tour in winter every year. These Islands are a unique photography location and offer fantastic Northern Lights and arctic landscape. The winter sunsets and sunrises are amazingly beautiful and the islands offer it seems endless forgrounds for a great picuture.