Ólafur Þórisson


Current Photography Gear – Óli is currently using Canon 5D Mark IV and Canon 5D Mark III . Also he uses Dji Phantom 4P and Dji Mavic 2 pro on his  photography adventures.

About – Ólafur Þórissson or Óli for short. The best way to remember his name is by singing Oleee.. Oleeee. ole, ole ole.. Ooolleee!

Óli is an native Icelander, pro-Landscape photographer and an licenced guide. He lives in the town of elves, Hafnarfjörður (go figures… for a guide). He has a passion for outdoors adventure, photographing, fishing, mountain biking and trail running.

He is married, has four kids with his wife and two dogs. But that doesn’t stop him from going on adventures like climbing mountains, free riding down mountains on his mountain bike, driving down mountains or taking pictures of mountains.
We believe that mountain is his favorite word. 

Photography – He specialises in nature photography. With emphasis classic landscapes, volcanoes, ice caves and the auroras. Óli has held few photography exhibitions in Iceland and seminars. His images have also appeared in numerous national and international publications.  He has also published articles in international Photoshop magazines about image processing and has over 15 years of experience teaching people how to use Photoshop. 

PhotoS BY Ólafur