Lofoten Islands Photo Tour

In our Lofoten Islands Photo Tour, we spend a week photographing the best landscape the islands have to offer. Norway’s Lofoten Islands are a near dreamlike landscape of rugged mountain peaks rising directly from the deep blue sea. Located 200 kilometers north of the arctic circle, Lofoten is a true land of the midnight sun, where it will circle the summer sky without setting – or not rise at all during the dark months of winter. With the northern lights dancing over the islands from September to April and the temperate currents of the gulf stream softening the deep freeze of the Arctic, Lofoten has become a coveted winter photography destination in recent years. And beyond the landscape, the coast of Lofoten is lined with scenic fishing villages and their traditional Rorbu cabins, often perilously situated on the rocky shoreline.

We will split our base camps between Sakrisøy in the Reine area, with glacial carved granite peaks just outside the door and Hattvika Lodge in Ballstad, Lofoten’s largest working fishing village to this day. In both locations, we stay in traditional Rorbuer cabins, used by Lofoten’s fishermen for generations. From each location, we are only a stone’s throw away from innumerable photo opportunities, and at times, we may simply choose to go and explore by foot. Should the weather cooperate with clear skies, then we’ll have many locations in reach for photographing the dance of the northern lights as they fill the sky over snowy mountain peaks and wild beaches.

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Lofoten Islands Photo Tour – Dates

February, 4-11th, 2019 (Sold Out)
February, 3-10th, 2020 (Available)
February, 10-17th, 2020 (Available)
Duration: 8.days / 7.nights


Lofoten Islands Photo Tour – Leaders

Skarpi Thrainsson – Pro Landscape Photographer, Native in Iceland
Cody Duncan – Pro Photographer with a decade of experience photographing Lofoten Islands

All of our guides are Pro Photographers with a wealth of experience leading photography workshops


Lofoten Islands Photo Tour – Tour Outline

The Lofoten Islands  Photo Tour will officially begin in Leknes on the 4th of February and end in Leknes on the 11th of February. Please schedule your arrival as close as possible to these times.

Pickup/drop-off will be available at Leknes airport or city centre.

Accommodation: We will split the workshop between two locations: Sakrisøy, on Moskenesøy, and Leknes, on Vestvågøy.

Physical Ability: The tour is open to all ability levels, but please note that winter on Lofoten generally involves lots of snow and ice. While this is not a hiking tour, we will be as active as conditions allow and make short walks to beaches and potentially hike up small 100-200 meter hills.

Getting to Lofoten: From within Europe, SAS airlines fly to Lofoten from a multitude of destinations. From North America, Norwegian airlines offer good value flights to Norway from the west and east coasts, however, flights to Lofoten will have to be booked via SAS/Widerøe airlines. More information at the bottom of the page or contact Arctic Exposure at info@arcticexposure.is

Book Lofoten Islands Photo Tour

Deposit: $1.000 on booking
Payment in Full: 90 days before the tour starting date.
Total price: USD 3.800.-
Single room supplement adds USD 350.-
Group size: max 9

Included in the price:
Photography guiding by two professional photographers
Transfer by a comfortable van/truck
Accommodation in fisherman cabins in Sakrisoy & Leknes for seven nights
All tuition and individual post-processing sessions.

Not Included:
Meals: Each will be responsible for their food. We will have nearby options for restaurants and supermarkets.
All flights to Leknes Airport – please contact Arctic Exposure office for any assistance.
Insurance – we recommend participants have individual travel insurance.
Alcoholic drinks


Itinerary – Lofoten Islands Photo Tour

Day 1 – Arrival on Lofoten

You will be picked up in the early afternoon in Leknes. With sunset occurring around 18:00, we will have some time to explore and visit a beach or two as we slowly make our way west to our accommodation in the scenic yellow Rorbu cabins on Sakrisøy.


Lofoten Islands Photo Tour - Winter view over Colorful rorbu cabins of Sakrisøy, Reine, Moskenesøy, Lofoten Islands, Norway
Lofoten Islands Photo Tour - Traditional red seaside Rorbu cabins in winter, Hamnøy, Moskenesøy, Lofoten Islands, Norway


Lofoten – Days 2 to 4

Allowing for flexibility of local weather conditions, we will spend these days focusing on the western areas of Lofoten. We will shoot sunrises in Reine, with the iconic peak of Olstind rising from the fjord in front of us. We will seek out unique areas of the coast to capture waves crashing against jagged rocks. We will visit Å, the last village on Lofoten, where we will watch the sun disappear behind distant mountains.

We also have the fantastic beaches of Flakstadøy just a short drive away, where there is always an opportunity to shoot something interesting, especially with the textures formed by a layer of black sand on Skagsanden beach. Further east we also have the beaches of Myrland and Storsandnes, with an endless amount of locations in-between.

Lofoten Islands Photo Tour - Northern Lights reflection on Skagsanden beach in winter, Flakstadøy, Lofoten Islands, Norway
Lofoten Islands Photo Tour - Photographer Stands on rock surrounded by waves at Uttakleiv beach, Vestvågøy, Lofoten Islands, Norway


Lofoten – Days 5 to 7

Leaving our base at Sakrisøy, we head east to Leknes on Vestvågøy, in the centre of Lofoten. From here we will focus our attention on the scenic beaches of Uttakleiv, Haukland, and Vik, which we will hopefully find covered in a fresh layer of snow. We will go on some short walks to get to lesser-known viewpoints and explore some other hidden areas of the island.

Lofoten Islands Photo Tour - Spring northern lights reflection on Vik beach, Vestvågøy, Lofoten Islands, Norway
Lofoten Islands Photo Tour


Day 8 – Departing Lofoten

The tour ends at 12:00 with your departure from Leknes airport.

Nights – Aurora Photography
At night we will keep watch for the arrival of the northern lights. Each of our accommodation locations has scenic views of the nearby area, so If we are lucky with Aurora on numerous nights, we will be able to photograph a number of different compositions.

The nature of winter on Lofoten requires a great deal of flexibility to the local conditions once on the Islands. Cody will use his knowledge and experience of Lofoten to provide the group with the best experience possible.

Meals are not included in this workshop. We can decide as a group whether we want to taste local cuisine in restaurants or cook meals ourselves. We will buy supplies for breakfasts and lunch, but always have the option of stopping for a bite to eat at a cosy cafe as we travel around the islands.

Lofoten Islands Photo Tour - Olstind mountai peak rises out of Reinefjord, Toppøy, Moskenesøy, Lofoten Islands, Norway
Lofoten Islands Photo Tour - Iconic view over Rorbu cabins on Hamnøy, Moskenesøy, Lofoten Islands, Norway


Getting to Lofoten – Lofoten Islands Photo Tour

There are two airports located on Lofoten proper: Leknes and Svolvær. In our Lofoten Islands Photo Tour, we suggest you fly to Leknes Airport to accommodate pick up and drop off service.

Direct flights to Lofoten – Leknes Airport from Oslo are available with Widerøe airlines. Unfortunately, these are not on a daily basis at the moment, and departures from Oslo are in the early morning, so if arriving from outside of Norway, this connection will not likely be possible. Please see Wideroe airlines schedule from Oslo to Leknes here.

Most flights do a stop at Bodo Airport flying from Oslo. There you need to switch to a smaller plane operated by Widerøe airlines (30minutes process). If arriving from outside Norway, then an additional transfer via Oslo will likely also be required. This makes most journeys to Lofoten look like this: Home – Oslo – Bodø – Leknes.

Widerøe airlines operate the final flight to Lofoten, with multiple daily flights. Tickets can be booked individually, or via SAS airlines or other Star Alliance partners to keep the journey as a single booking – which may be beneficial in the case of delays or lost luggage.

Norwegian Airlines offers cheap international flights to Norway, especially from the USA. However Norwegian only operates flights to Oslo and Bodø, and a separate Widerøe ticket will be required to continue to Lofoten.

For any questions regarding flights, please contact our office at info@arcticexposure.is or the contact form here below.


Cancellation and refund policy 

If you cancel and the Lofoten Photo Tour is otherwise filled, we will refund you the full amount you have paid towards the tuition, minus a $150 service charge. If you cancel and the Workshop does not fill, then you will be refunded according to the following schedule, based on the full fee of the photo tour:

Greater than 90 days from the start date of the Workshop: full refund minus $150 fee.
75 days: 75% refund
60 days: 50% refund
Less than 60 days: no refund

Refunds will be paid by the same method that the original payment was made.
Refunds will be initiated within 72 hours of the time that the request is approved.