We run the Iceland Northern lights photo tour from the end of August to mid-April each year. We only go if the weather permits. On this photo tour, we will follow Northern Lights prediction and set out to hunt for them in the evening. This means we follow the lights and adjust location after that. This also means late arrivals to the hotel in the evenings but, we throw in a sunset location before the hunt begins to make the most of the day. As always, good hiking shoes and warm clothes are recommended. Contact us at for more information on the tour.

Auroras occur when charged particles from the sun’s solar wind interact with Earth’s upper atmosphere (at altitudes above 50 miles, or 80 km), causing a glow. The particles are funnelled to Earth’s polar regions by the planet’s magnetic field. The auroras over the North Pole & the Arctic are known as the aurora borealis or the northern lights.

Iceland Northern lights photo Tour Highlights:


Northern Lights
Sunset location


Hotel pick-up & drop-off
Driver guide & Super Jeep
English speaking guide



4 hours


USD 550.-
Includes a driver guide and super jeep for the day and can be shared between 1-4 people
For larger groups we have an 8 pax shuttle, 12 pax and 15 pax Super Truck – please contact us at for prices

Good to have with you on the photo tour:

Warm waterproof clothes
Good Hiking Shoes
A DSLR or SLR camera

Recommended Gear:

When shooting Aurora we suggest fast wide angle lenses, such as f2.8
2nd lens for example zoom lens 24-105 mm, or 70-2oo mm.
Zoom lens, for example, wide angle 16-35 mm.
Shutter release cable (or remote)
(Note that these are just a recommendation but not a requirement)


Pictures from Northern Lights Photo Tour

Northern Lights Aurora

We also recommend a Greenland photo tour to experience the Northern lights.